If your Employee Number is less than six digits, please add leading zeros to come up with a six character Username.  For example, if your Employee Number is 124, then your Username is 000124.

Username and Password

Your username is your six digit Employee Number (e.g. 001234).  Your default password is the first five characters of your last name followed by the first two letters of your first name and your eight digit birth date.  If you have less than 5 characters in your last name, please use * to populate the additional spaces.

Example 1
Name: Sally Day
Date of Birth: 9/3/1963
Default password: day**sa09031963

Example 2
Name: Gregory Lee-Johnson
Date of Birth: 3/4/1956
Default password: lee-jgr03041956

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If you are having problems logging in, call 253-502-8200 or email TERSretirement@cityoftacoma.org.